Terms and Conditions of Sale

Last update: 09 September 2021

1. Terms and Conditions of Sale

1.1 These Terms and Conditions of Sale regulate the relationship between the owner of Italiano Bello, Irene Regini (Via Francesco Guicciardini 13, 43123 Parma (PR), Italy; VAT number, Italian p. IVA: 02391470503; Italian tax code: RGNRNI93R53F205Q) and the person (consumer) who purchases one of the digital products offered by Italiano Bello through the website italianobello.it or pages.italianobello.it. What I refer to as digital products are products and services that are sold, provided and consumed online, through the Internet. This definition includes digital courses, webinars, membership subscriptions, audiobooks, ebooks and other services (coaching, tutoring, etc.). As these Conditions might be updated in the future, the consumer is invited to read them frequently or whenever it is necessary.

For any doubt or clarification concerning these Conditions, you can contact me at ciao@italianobello.it.

2. Consumer obligations

2.1 Once the purchase is concluded, the consumer commits to saving and keeping these Terms and Conditions of Sale. As these Conditions can be updated and modified at any time by Irene Regini (who will communicate any substantial modification by the means of her website), the consumer commits to saving and keeping these Conditions every time they are updated.

2.2 When the possibility to pay for a digital product in instalments (by the means of a credit card or an equivalent system) is given, the consumer accepts and commits to paying the whole amount of the price of the digital products. Therefore, he will not be able to lawfully interrupt the payment of the instalments or ask for a refund of the paid amount, with the exception of the “14 Days Satisfaction Guarantee” when this Guarantee is offered.

2.3 The consumer relieves Irene Regini from any responsibility derived to the emission of incorrect fiscal documents (receipts or invoices) caused by errors in the personal data provided by the consumer. The consumer is the only person responsible of providing correct personal data.

3. Privacy

3.1 Personal data are collected with the purpose of registering the consumer on the courses platform and activating for him all that is declared in this contract and relevant communication concerning the purchase; these data are treated in an electronic way according to existing European laws, and they can be exhibited only when required by the Lawful Authority or any other authority authorized by law.

3.2 For further details concerning the treatment of personal data, refer to the Privacy Policy.

4. How and when the sales contract is concluded

4.1 The consumer who intends to buy one of my digital products:

a) selects the digital product he intends to buy by clicking on the appropriate link; 

b) access the payment page, where the name of the selected digital product and the due price appear; 

c) reads and accepts these Terms and Conditions of Sale and the Privacy Policy by clicking on the appropriate cases; 

d) inserts the required personal data in the payment form; 

e) submits the order through the appropriate button; 

f) pays the due price through Stripe.

4.2 The contract between Irene Regini and the consumer is concluded when the consumer submits the order and this order is successfully processed by the automatic service.

4.3 By paying the due amount, the consumer explicitly accepts to execute the contract stipulated with Irene Regini, and he explicitly accepts to lose his right to withdrawal, according to art. 59, letter o) of the Consumer Code (d.lgs. N.206/2005), with the exception of what has been written about the “14 Days Satisfaction Guarantee” at point 2.2 of this document.

4.4 After the payment, the consumer will receive a confirmation email at the email address he will have provided, containing all the necessary information to access the digital product. The consumer commits to verifying the exactness of these data, and to immediately communicating to Irene Regini the intended modifications.

4.5 Sales operations are regulated, for the consumer, by the legal disposition contained in the D.Lgs. n. 206/2005 (Consumer Code), and the privacy of data complies with the D.Lgs. 30/06/2003, n. 196, of the UE Regulation UE 679/2016 (for further information on this subject, refer to the Privacy Policy).

5. Delivery method for the digital products

5.1 The digital product is delivered through the download of the material that has been purchased, or through the redirecting to the login page of the platform where the digital product is hosted. Delivery happens immediately after the payment process is completed, except when it is specified otherwise. In order to download or access the digital product, the consumer must dispose of proper Internet connection and sufficient familiarity with digital tools.

5.2 Irene Regini is not responsible for any retards or failings in the delivery due to causes of force majeure.

5.3 Once the consumer receives the email inviting to download the product or log in to the page or platform where the digital course is hosted, it is his responsibility to test and verify the proper functioning of the links and platforms. After 14 days have passed from the day of the purchase, if the consumer has not communicated any issues or malfunctioning to access the product, it is assumed that the digital products have been successfully accessed.

6. Use of the account

6.1 The consumer can access the digital product by using the credentials he receives with the email sent at the time of the purchase.

6.2 The account that the consumer uses to access the digital product is personal, and it cannot be used by or transferred to a third person. The consumer is responsible of how his account is used, and he must immediately contact me to report any abuses or unauthorized access to his account.

6.3 In case this clause is violated, Irene Regini will delete the account of the consumer, who will lose access to the purchased digital product and will not be entitled to any kind of refund.

7. Duration and availability of the digital products

7.1 In the case of a digital product such as an ebook or audiobook, the consumer will have lifetime access to the product.

7.2 In the case of a digital course, the consumer will maintain access to the platform and / or to the course for as long as the provider (Irene Regini) continues to offer that digital product or service, with the condition that the consumer will maintain his subscription to the platform (or any other platform where the course could be transferred).

7.3 In the case of a membership subscription, the consumer can access the digital product as long as the subscription will be in existence.

7.4 The contents of the digital products might me suspended, substituted, modified or removed, always with the purpose of making the product better. Every major modification will be directly communicated to the consumer.

7.5 In any case, the access to the digital products and their proper functioning is only guaranteed during the lifetime of the provider (Irene Regini).

8. Price of the digital product

8.1 The price for each digital product is the one that is declared on the website italianobello.it or pages.italianobello.it and at the time of the purchase. Before concluding the contract, the consumer must read and accept these Terms and Conditions of Sale and the Privacy Policy.

8.2 The consumer can pay for the selected digital product following the instructions that he will receive and adopting one of the payment options that are declared online at the time of the purchase.

9. Payment

9.1 The consumer can pay for the digital product through Stripe. The due amount will be charged once the consumer submits his order.

9.2 Irene Regini is not responsible for any malfunctioning or disservices caused by the payment service (Stripe).

10. Right to withdrawal

10.1 When explicitly declared in the contract, the consumer has right to the “14 Days Satisfaction Guarantee”. The consumer who, for any reason, is not satisfied with his purchase, has the right to withdraw from the stipulated contract, without any penalty and without having to declare the motivation, within 14 days from the purchase of the digital product.

10.2 In order to use his right to withdrawal, only when the “14 Days Satisfaction Guarantee” is available, the consumer can send an email at ciao@italianobello.it within 14 days from the day of the purchase.

10.3 When Irene Regini receives this email, she will delete the account or the access credentials that the consumer had received, and she will refund the consumer of the whole amount he paid for the digital product, either on the same credit card he used for the purchase or by other means that are agreed with the consumer.

10.4 Any expense that could be due in order to send the communication or any bank commissions occurring during the reimbursement process are in charge of the consumer, and they can’t be reimbursed or refunded.

10.5 After the 14 days period, when the “14 Days Satisfaction Guarantee” is available, the consumer does not have any right to withdrawal, and he is therefore not entitled to receiving any kind of reimbursement or refund.

11. Copyright, abuse and restricted uses

11.1 The digital products must be used according to these Terms and Conditions of Sale. Irene Regini is the only owner of all the contents relative to Italiano Bello (except when declared otherwise), and she retains all rights on those contents.

11.2 The consumer can consume these contents exclusively for personal use. Any different use must be explicitly authorized by Irene Regini. The consumer cannot access the products without explicit authorization. The consumer cannot copy these contents or any parts of them, and he cannot reproduce, modify or alter them, use them to create similar or derived products, share them with a third person or share and diffuse them.

11.3 In case this clause is violated, Irene Regini will delete the account of the consumer, who will therefore lose access to the purchased digital product and will not be entitled to any kind of refund.

11.4 Irene Regini retains the right to prosecute any abuse committed on her paying products and contents.

12. Liability

12.1 Irene Regini is not responsible for disservices or malfunctioning caused by force majeure or accidental case, including when they depend upon the functioning of the Internet or of partner software or hosting services.

12.2 In order to access the digital products, the consumer must dispose of a continued connection to the Internet and must be sufficiently used to using digital tools and platforms. Irene Regini is not responsible for any technical disservice or malfunctioning on the part of the consumer.

12.2 Irene Regini is not responsible in the case of damage, of any kind, caused by inappropriate uses of the digital product, or by a use different from the declared purpose and mode of use.

13. Applicable law and jurisdiction

13.1 These Terms and Conditions of Sale are regulated by the Italian law and interpreted according to it, without prejudice to any other prevailing mandatory rule of the country of habitual residence of the consumer.

13.2 If the client is an Italian consumer:

Any dispute concerning these Terms and Conditions of Sale that cannot be resolved in an amicable way must be resolved by the court of the place of domicile or residence of the consumer, according to the applicable law.

13.3 If the client is not a consumer or not Italian:

Any dispute concerning these Terms and Conditions of Sale that cannot be resolved in an amicable way will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Parma, Italy.